Please Read and Follow This Procedure

Sample Pitches from prior New York Pitch Conference--various genres.
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Please Read and Follow This Procedure

#1 Post by WritersBlock » 10 Aug 2007, 00:41

Dear NYC Pitch and Shop Alumni,

IF your novel manuscript is complete and you feel it is 100%, then feel free to take advantage of this forum. Agents will be stopping by to look. They are not interested in manuscripts that are not as good and complete as you can make them.

Directions as follows.

Make one post only (NEW TOPIC) in this final forum. The layout is below. Use your best updated pitch, title, etc., and include a 500 word writing sample of your best prose. Choose NEW TOPIC, then when finished, press submit. KEEP THE PITCH LESS THAN 250 WORDS.

:shock: NOTE: In the SUBJECT line type the TITLE OF THE NOVEL and in parens THE GENRE, e.g., "THE TOWN WITHOUT SOAP" (Literary)

In the body, follow the layout below.




GENRE (repeat)


CREDS (if appropriate)


PITCH ____________________________________

WRITING SAMPLE FROM NOVEL (no more than 500 words)

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