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#1 Post by richardc » 28 Jan 2013, 01:43

orbit each other
as they descend
the worn wooden
then are scattered
to isolated,

Crisp uniforms,
obeying blind orders,
herd rags
cradling bones,
whose owners
live the legacy
within themselves.
Timeworn prayers
solace them
on the trains
with no seats.

The soldiers eat wurst,
mastering the solution
in arch vacancy.
Over the loudspeakers
a dance hall sultry voice
drowns out women’s last cries,
all release muffled
inside overcoats
bunched in the snow

What poems
new tones,
lilting humor
lost in the diaspora?

The works to follow
late replacements
for salvation.

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Re: Mishegas

#2 Post by SivaRamanathan » 31 Jan 2013, 21:32

It took me so many readings to understand this poem.I had to look up 'michegas.'
I think the poem is crisp and I like the format. I am very poor at offering edits;suffice to say the tone is like making a summation in a very interesting manner.

Michael (MV)
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Re: Mishegas

#3 Post by Michael (MV) » 02 Feb 2013, 00:58

e e cummings' theme of nonconformity comes to mind

"on the trains
with no seats."


Michael (MV)





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