Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Lies We Tell Ourselves

#1 Post by FredFourth » 16 Nov 2015, 18:15

This article based on Romans 1:19-24.

The biggest Lie of all - there is no God or if you are of any other faith - Jesus is not God. These other faiths do not worship Jesus as God, they may admit Jesus is a good, a teacher of truth but do they believes that He is actually God, that means divine.

Messianic Jews accept Yeshua as Divine, the Messiah, but baulk at Jesus is the end of the law. They will quibble about New Testament teaching and insist that the Decalogue is in full force, many churches tend that way too, but Paul makes it quite clear that sin came in through the law, that the law condemns, the law brings death for no man can keep the law. The law must be kept perfectly for the penalty for breaking the law is death. Now for if there is no law there is no death and we are free. The Messianics jib at this, it si too easy they say, anyone can be saved without effort. We who are in Christ point out that the penalty for sin was paid once and for all by Christ Jesus on the cross. There is no other sacrifice, despite what the Roman Catholics call 'the Mass', because He died once and for all. No man can be saved by the chanting of a sinful man, and a priest is just that, a sinful man.


The problem is this, all men fell in Adam. Because Adam sinned, as federal head of mankind, all men sin. So we need a redeemer to buy us out of hell. Hell being the punishemnt for sin. Jesus, the perfect man and to the Christian perfect God, paid that price voluntarily for all men subject to them believing in Him. That is he only condition. Now here comes the rub, the very statements up to now that I have made will make men of other faiths jib. Because there cannot be opposing truths. Look at the facts, there can only be one truth. We cannot all be right. There is not a multiplicity of versions of God as ome faiths teach, and society in order to find some sort of harmony say all faiths are valid, which sounds reasonable. But it is not, it is the big lie. The lie that sends men to hell. I have yet to meet an unbeliever who will tell me I am safe from hellfire in Jesus, they don't believe it so why would they tell me otherwise. The world says, now, now, tut, tut, all faiths are valid but the world does not determine who goes where. The world is only interested in getting us to tolerate each other so nations can trade.


In our heart attack/stroke we suddenly call on God. My father-in-law who ahd always got angry at my witness of God suddenly said as he was dying of an aneurysim,
I want to go and be with Moeder. At that moment he believed there was an afterlife. Up to that moment, although he was a good man and led an outwardy good life he told himself a lie, there was no God. For there cannot be an afterlife without there being a Creator. Vadr did not mean he wanted to be in the grace with Moeder, what use is that, he was speaking of an eternal plane.


There can only be one way, Jesus called it the strait way. You know what straits are, they are the diffiuclt pasage a ship must pass through at times, turbulent and dangerous and captains dare not wander off that line, strait and narrow is the way. That means we have to believe in what He said. 'If you love me you will do my commandments.' If we love Him. Now I admit at one time I sat on the fence, I would not reject Him, but I did not follow Him I followed my own rules, and they were not in accordance with His way. As a Christian I still lie to myself, I still fall short, and that is the problem of being a Christian we realise we are not good. We fall short of that perfect example set by Christ, but listen to this, we are not condemned for it as long as we don't pretend we are good. Only God is good, and Jesus is God. I don't condemn anyone who is searching for the truth, but I can never say they are safe by any way other than through Christ, not that it is my rmeit to declare who is saved and who is not.

It is impossible, it is impossible for a anyone to enter the kingdom of God through keeping the law without accepting Christ as the chosen one, the Messiah, impossible. Governments will tell you I have to be fair, that all faiths are valid. The true Christain will not say that, he cannot.


I read a book recently by Kirin Naryan a Hindu religious teacher, a book entitled 'Storytellers Saints and Scoundels' it is a most interesting take on Hinduism. The main thrust of the book is love and codes of living, peace an so on, very much like the teachings of Christianity. He is very candid about Hindusim and states that there are many scoundrels operating under the title saints. we have them in Christianity, but what struck me towards the end was his very honest statement that there is no official teaching on Hinduism, in effect each man is left in the end to find God through his own efforts. This is of course anathema to the Christian who finds salvation only through Christ Jesus.

This is a very small take on Christianity, but this is the biggest lie, to reject Him who died for the sins of the world. The only prophet to claim that he was God. The only one prophesised throughout scripture as the Messiah.

The big lie, men tell themselves that there is no God, but there is no God without Christ Jesus.


It is a poem set within the framework of two thousand years of Christian culture. It is a stance for the Western World Culture that began in Europe that runs from Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and throughout Europe and has run since the year of our Lord.

I know it is not current fashion to promote our own culture, but to 'ooh aah' other cultures and see poems based on other faiths in here, therefore this poem should not really cause offence, we are after all a Christian based culture in the west.

I will not enter debate on this subject and hope reviewers will respect my democratic right of free speech without entering into discussion on the veracity of the poem and limit themselves to critique of form. I believe that I have written the truth regarding the subject matter.

In view of the current crisis in Paris, I pray for forgivness of my enemies and hope they will repent, I pray for the people of God and care for those who died without faith, I pray for grace for those who are left who suffer and I pray for my own soul in this world

Thank you

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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#2 Post by Bernie01 » 12 Jul 2018, 23:51

Dear Fred----

with all respect, please fuck off.

your friend,


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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#3 Post by FranktheFrank » 14 Jul 2018, 02:38

Uhm Fred is a sort of cousin of mine Bernie,
He's a very nice man actually, works as a motor
mechanic repair man on lorries and trucks.

It should have gone into Palaver I think.
I agree with Fred's every word. So many
tell us about their wierd religion, even yours
which I gather is agnostic. I notice you don't
tell them to clear orf.
I thought it Okay to encourage Fred to write
his own take on the situation.

Anyway it's been dragged up by that nut case and is ten year old,
didn't you notice.

your abashed pal.

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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#4 Post by Bernie01 » 15 Jul 2018, 03:35


The hotel foyer in turmoil,
Nigerian women argue loudly about their taxi fare.
I wished I had been as brave with my Sikh driver
who had scammed me mercilessly.

Hijras smothered in kajal accost me,
I settle for one hundred rupees. Aravan, not
greedy.Oh! that the Sikh would become her devotee.
I spurned the offer of fellatio, glad they did
not show me their wounded holes.

It occurred to me later, that the guards
had not helped the Nigerian women.

Personnel fawned over me. How brave was I to
ignore the riots and change hotel, his head wagging.
When I spoke of the shootings, he changed the subject and said,
The Continental is so impersonal.
He meant expensive and crooked.

Passing the crossroad barrier, a Gurkha
officer pointed his baton, a soldier fired,
hitting one of the crowd. As they fled, he
turned to my Fiat pointing the way, we
sped off, crunching glass

Beckenbauer had raved, Shit country! He
had lain in a ditch for an hour, unfamiliar with India,
resenting the crowd that grabbed him. Luckily, he
was not a woman police constable. These things
happen in Britain’s former empire, life or death
hung on the edge, on the whim of a Gurkha officer.

How smart in his starched Khaki shorts
complement to his dark skin and black moustache.
His precise military movements that shed death
at the stoke of his cane.
Vishnu incarnate,
destroyer of worlds.

We left for Calcutta by Air India. Newspapers read:
'Hot irons applied Kali devotees.' Communists run amok!
Crowds had gathered to watch the castration of the
Kali monks. We did not go out much that week.

Newspapers report brides in cooking
oil fires, pay more dowry or your daughter...

A beggar woman offers her baby through the
taxi window for my blessings, She returns my
coin demanding a note.

A roadside cobbler repairs my sandal for a few
rupees content, refuses my note. He waves
me away with his blessing, a sweet gentle smile.

India's pealing temple bells, spice aromas its heavy
perfumed air, her warm humanity, the vivid
colours that jollied up our expat. lives caused
to surrender our cares as we roistered in the taxi
music speeding along river bank road where the
washing hung in coloured miles. Slowing for cows
that stepped daintily, that know no fear of man.

The image of Gurkha officer stays with me as does
a girl in a yellow cotton dress at home on a dung heap,
of me stepping over a beggar lying in the gutter
deadened to his plight as he to mine.

I did not lift up the untouchable who had crept
around my feet picking up crumbs.
What could I do, my guilt remains.

We left India pecking at seeds and nuts soaking up the
coolness from the air conditioning weighed down with our
company travel allowance carefully totted up and recorded.

The following day newspapers reported the latest spin:
'Raza Academy apologised, but explained that Muslims
could not have been responsible for the molestation of the
women constables as that would have been contrary to Islam.'


powerdul and deeply felt travel movie...i was right there.

great job.


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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#5 Post by FranktheFrank » 15 Jul 2018, 10:16

Thanks old pal. yes, I enjoyed writing that one.

As much as I enjoy reading your poems
you always have an unusual and fascinating
phrase, a way of shining a light on a poem,
a way of looking that others can see but cannot
illuminate like you.

Let's enjoy what time we have left. :)

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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#6 Post by SivaRamanathan » 15 Jul 2018, 12:56


Must read at leisure.But one statement stands out

Vishnu incarnate,
destroyer of worlds.

Shiva is the destroyer,Brahma is the Creator so Vishnu must see to the well being of the Universe.
If you still insist that Vishnu is a destroyer then I can give you a lot of reference to prove otherwise.Enjoyed reading your travel poem.

I thought your cousin was you writing under a pseudonym.


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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#7 Post by FranktheFrank » 15 Jul 2018, 13:20

I see.

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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#8 Post by SivaRamanathan » 15 Jul 2018, 21:01

Are you hurt by what I said? I remember you once lost your password and you were posting with variations of your name. I should have known that it is impossible for you to write like that.
Coming back to your poem, I have yet to read in during daytime---and that too line by line. It makes very interesting reading.Tomorrow I will go back to it.

Calling a truce.

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Re: Lies We Tell Ourselves

#10 Post by SivaRamanathan » 15 Jul 2018, 21:56

Advice to your cousin. 'Don't deride any religion.'

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