The writer s path

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The writer s path

#1 Post by Jthoma36 » 19 Jan 2016, 08:33

The writer's path I have taken
Has left my mind and my heart shaken
A constant breaking of self perception
And talent level
While you watch old men with thick rimmed glasses
Compare your work to a heap of shit
And the hope you carry inside
is if the jk Rowling was so great
Why was her prose considered sub par
When her message and vision
has influenced the world and left its mark?
It took a 100 years of passing peers until Herman Melville woke was truly honored
Nothing changed not a word , nor a coma moved to the side
But his vision left movies, comics, TV shows etc
I'm really starting to doubt the standard english is made of
Maybe it's because I speak Latin languages and express myself best with a flowing rythym of rimes and metaphors
That Im starting have doubt and think this path was not what I was meant for
But the greatness of th epic of Gilgamesh inspires me
To o never stop
When I think of religions and greats myths
That one poet single handly wrought

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