prompted by the 10th annual National Puppy Day

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Michael (MV)
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prompted by the 10th annual National Puppy Day

#1 Post by Michael (MV) » 24 Mar 2016, 04:31

My heart leaps up
when I behold
a rainbow . . .
        William Wordsworth

a cuddly toy pet
with pure pup

like a made-up puppet
each prisoner-in-disguise
encouraged with the God-created part
life leaves the storybook behind

from the repercussions of woodblock
a genuine boy boundless in motion
brave not to betray the drum beat
of his God-created part

Spirit move me
make me an instrument of Your re-creation

not an abandoned discarded toy
the heart in-tune for the untaming
to live keep clear of the block
like the illuminated sword of Michael
the davidic courage protects
to prevent the need to dissever
the hidden strings that push & pull to prey

See Mother I create all new
therefore I exist
because you exist

Her Joy
continues to rhythm & rhyme
with her boy

Ars not connected to
instead with the Light in UniSon
on earth as it is in the Haven of the Humane


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