The Penitent. Final Revision

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The Penitent. Final Revision

#1 Post by Kenneth2816 » 21 Sep 2018, 22:14

Water from the blowhole 
fell like a tepid rain.

The great unblinking eye,
the lateral roll,

scissoring of its jaw
and I was his.

Arch of rib and vertebrae
became my cathedral.

Massive heart like a hammer
I could hear blood rush,

the billow of lungs expand
when it rose to the surface.

I climbed the barnacled
tongue to suck gill-slit

puffer fish caught
in the sieve of baleen

Three days in the bowels
of Sheol and I am disgorged.

All -foured in obeisance,
I set my jaw toward Nineveh

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