déjà vu"   (so it must be true)

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Michael (MV)
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déjà vu"   (so it must be true)

#1 Post by Michael (MV) » 15 May 2019, 05:28

“She looks a lot
like Lana Turner,” they say

about the strawberry blonde -
a post-Depression 40's teen

also working the fountain in a drug store
not far from the high school.

May's double feature: The Sunday following
Mother’s Day celebrates her birthday.

I play the earlybird,
offer to carry her to brunch,

but she prefers to nest
more in the recliner I got her

this time yester-year. She decides:
"We'll buffet this evening(besides,

this gives a widow more time
to ready for close-ups

The satellite's been on the blink -
a b&w static from the set.

I power-on the big screen
checking to see if TCM is back up.

Indeed, as I told her
the night before it would be.

She's even further delighted
the feature's about one of her idols -

a docu-memoire by the star’s only child
many years later. I put my coffee and the PC

on hold, and I, too, recall pictures
of my mother in her sweater-days.

Some things arthritis can
not stop or even slow down -

like the synergy of my hunch
and her flash back in UniSon:

"Mama, they used to tell you
you look like her."

Unexpectedly zoned-in
from her daydream: "How did you

know that?" Perked up
& pain-free without Rx,

she rewinds & vividly plays back
select sound bites remembered from silent dialog -

people still complimenting her
movie-star complexion

& gone-with-the-wind figure
passing from

but never through

a great grandmother
unknowingly out-phasing the moon

With the breath of our relish for charmed hours:
"Well, since we're just at 9,

and you are fully awake now,
how about we set to roll for a matinee lunch?"

"No, it'll take longer than that for me.
You run along til closer to 5."

Like her mother would say:
"Michael, go play til I call you in for supper."

Preparing me for when God calls me in
(Here comes the son) to find them

expecting me There too in Our Father's nursery - from maternity to Eternity

what really happens on earth
doesn't stay on earth (to Thy kingdom come)

Until then, motion-picture hours
granted to record rehearsal takes -

How they're called Golden Years
re-animated in technicolor & CGI

Vintage bubbling up from the cellar
the taste of the finest champagne,

like only humans are apt to
not take a last breath

but the Vision of the Haven of the Humane
so absolutely starstruck

The Lord takes our breath away
to always a wonder never a winter land

(Spirit move me) not on a carpet, but by receiving
the Miracle Lift from the finale to the Premiere





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Re: déjà vu"   (so it must be true)

#2 Post by FranktheFrank » 15 May 2019, 10:22

Quite different to your usual short byte poems Michael,
refreshingly so, not that I don't like them.

A picture of caring for an elderly parent told
in a fun way, humouring the parent
with a little vanity, kindly, caring.

Woven through at the end thoughts of the infinite
the Divine Being.

I like the:
& gone-with-the-wind figure
movie-star complexion
I like very much the metaphor in:
"Michael, go play til I call you in for supper."
Thy Kingdom come or They kingdom come? :)

Very well done.

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Re: déjà vu"   (so it must be true)

#3 Post by BobBradshaw » 16 May 2019, 00:19

I agree... the warmth and humor appeal greatly.

A couple lines feel as if the N is trying too hard, especially the 2nd line:

unknowingly out-phasing the moon

With the breath of our relish for charmed hours:

These lines have a totally different feel to them, and imho are awkward... I would remove them, and come up with a simpler segue
Preparing me for when God
will call me in to find them

expecting me There too (Here comes the son)
in Our Father's nursery

What really happens on earth
doesn't stay on earth (to They kingdom come)

Overall, good work.... readers will enjoy this... keep them coming, Michael

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Re: déjà vu"   (so it must be true)

#4 Post by meenas17 » 16 May 2019, 11:57

Nice to see a long poem from you Michael.
Could have been simpler.

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