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Lot’s Wife

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 20:15
by Billy
Lot's Wife

I would like to have
hooked up.
We’d have seen
ourselves in each other
fallen in love in a flash
like the Chicago fire.

It wouldn't have lasted.
Sooner or later
she would turn
looking some place else.

I would come
to my senses
realize we both
had a discontent
neither could satisfy.

A couple of wild nights
in a seedy part of the city
a last resort hotel
stained sheets

loses its glamor
as quick as salt
dissolves in water
the taste still there.

She always looking
over her shoulder
for that something
the here and now
had never supplied.

I'd finally wish her well
or be left behind
return to my wife
the safety
of a righteous woman
still looking back
until one day
I'd look within.

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 05:43
by BobBradshaw
Love this, the humor and takes on looking back, my favorite image falling in love in a flash like the Chicago fire...terrific

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 16:04
by FranktheFrank
billy, this is good.

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 17:21
by Kenneth2816
Worthy subject for a poem. I always felt sorry for her. Nicely done

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 17:51
by Michael (MV)
Hi, Billy

Creative, contemporary application of a biblical allusion to treat the theme of unfaithfulness.

esp liked the falling in love like a flash fire

^^ prompts me to write:

Passion is a flash fire
a brilliance that marks

An IBPC contender - the strong creativity
notable, too, finding an irony in the formality that is in service to the poem's theme: ironic how the poem itself unfolds counter-to-theme by remaining faithful to its focus from engagement to finale of atonement.

at one ment


Michael (MV)

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 19:03
by Billy
Thanks all.

Kenneth, the focus of my poem is N, and Lot’s wife, but N is just as cupable, if not more so. Her punishment seems harsh.

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 20:41
by Billy
Oh, Michael, I appreciate nomination but I'm not participating in IBPC at this time, working on putting together a book of poems.

Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 29 Jun 2019, 00:01
by capricorn
Very nicely done, Billy. Good luck with your book of poems!


Re: Lot’s Wife

Posted: 30 Jun 2019, 03:04
by Billy
Thanks capricorn