upcoming IBPC March 2013:

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Michael (MV)
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upcoming IBPC March 2013:

#1 Post by Michael (MV) » 25 Feb 2013, 17:25

for newcomers, Welcome

and here is a home link to the IBPC rules: http://ibpc.webdelsol.com/rules

Poems recommended to represent the Block are posted here in this thread, along with all IBPC required info.

When the 2 are decided upon, and permission granted by each author of the selected poems,

along with the info needed by each author:

1/Your name

2/e-mail address

3/statement that the poem is your original
4/and unpublished work

5/and that you are not representing in the current IBPC

6/The poem as you would like it forwarded to the finals.

^^ All of the above is the usual needed info as part of the process.

I will then forward the 2 to the IBPC finals.

Please reply - accept or decline - in this thread.


Michael (MV)


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