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Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 03:10
by Michael (MV)
Voice your recommendation(s) here, and

Please let us know ASAP if you are not going to be available to represent the Writer's Block -

then we will know not to consider your poems further for this month's IBPC.

I/we will be looking for consensus - in keeping with a communal workshop environment

Which 1-3 would we like to see represent the Writer's Block in the finals?

After the 3 are selected, then will each author post - in this thread - the poem as the poet would like it forwarded,

and ALL the needed info/statements

Ideally, the only poems that really need to appear here are the final 3, when announced, hopefully by the 1st of the month, if not sooner

^^ the intent is organizational - if poems appear here before the selection of the final 3, then there is a congestion -

Until the final 3 are announced, please maintain poems & workshopping to the Workshop Forum. Thanks.


any newcomers or returnees this month, Welcome!

and here is a home link to the IBPC rules:

In this thread, from the poems posted in the workshop forum during the course of the month, recommend/nominate by title & author.

Nominated poets, please acknowledge the nomination here in this thread.
Please reply by accepting or declining the nomination - in this thread.

Please note & observe: This is not a workshopping thread.

In this thread, poems that are ultimately selected to represent the Block are then posted here
as the author would like for the poem to be forwarded
along with all IBPC required info.

When the 1-3 poems are decided upon, and permission granted by each author of the selected poems,

along with all the info needed by each author:

1/Your name

2/e-mail address

3/statement that the poem is your original

4/and unpublished work

5/and that you don't have a poem committed to represent another board in the current IBPC. One poet one poem one board
for each monthly,

6/and the poem as you would like it forwarded to the finals.

^^ All of the above is the usual needed info as part of the process.

I will then forward the 1-3 to the IBPC finals.


Michael (MV)

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 01 Jul 2020, 21:38
by BobBradshaw
I nominate Siva’s “Jackfruit Payasam”.

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 13:45
by Michael (MV)
Thanks, Bob, for voicing a nomination.

Bob, I hope a current poem of yours will be representing the WB in the July 2020 finals. If so, do you have a preference? Thanks.

And, Bob, Congratulations on the 1st place selection of your poem for the May IBPC 2020.

Michael (MV)

BobBradshaw wrote:
01 Jul 2020, 21:38
I nominate Siva’s “Jackfruit Payasam”.

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 20:59
by SivaRamanathan
Jackfruit Payasam' has been placed in the 'Young Raven Literary Review.' Can you please nominate something else?

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 01:06
by BobBradshaw
Thanks, Michael. I choose "Beethoven Unhappy".
1/Bob Bradshaw
3/ the poem is my original
4/and unpublished work
5/ I don't have a poem committed to represent another board in the current IBPC.

Beethoven Unhappy

To view the trees
across from his apartment,
Uncle hired a stonemason
to knock a hole in a wall.

The landlord, enraged,
demanded Uncle move.

He couldn't satisfy critics
anymore than landlords.
"Why can’t you compose
more like Haydn--
or Mozart?

His orchestras were unhappy,
always plotting rebellions against him
for his unplayable scores.

His neighbors
would confront him late at night,
Uncle in his underwear.

He would squint at them
like a misanthrope
confronting beggars.

His answer to their complaints?
A slammed door.

Years after his death
they still recall his music,
restless as surf
rumbling across their ceilings.

Groggy, they would bang
on the landlord's door
the next morning
with their usual complaint
about the awful

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 01:08
by BobBradshaw
I gladly nominate Siva's "What the Right Hand Receives, the Left Hand Gives Away", a lovely poem, one of my favorites of Siva's.

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 14:10
by SivaRamanathan
Bob and Michael

I submitted that poem to 'Tiny Red Suitcase' Prompt.


Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 18:07
by SivaRamanathan
Michael and Bob

Did we send that poem, 'Black as the Coal Workers,the Soot Collects in Her Hair.'? If not then can we send the 'Grandma in the Bullet Train?" It was written for an anachronism prompt.(I changed it)


Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 20:58
by SivaRamanathan
'Grandma in a Bullet Train', is my original,unpublished poem,and I am not sending it elsewhere.My email id is

Grandma in a Bullet Train

When Gandma was just ninety-seven
she wished to travel to Varanasi by the Bullet Train.
We managed to get her seated in her wheel-chair
and before she had recollected the first coal engine
with the driver, the coal feeder and the soot in her hair
the train blasted 400 km a hour, non- stop;
she was over excited, and she narrated how a tricycle
was brought in that train at Erode Junction, and a man
who rode in circles, had made her head spin. '

Grandma had doled out oil and the powder of green shikaki'
leaves to the coal-worker man and the driver, and now my journey
to Varanasi will be complete, as when the first train
opened up the Western Ghats, tunnels, lights, echoes
she said, as she passed her wrinkled fingers over her head
there was no soot, not even white dandruff.
My little grandson prayed to the corner iron- wallah
whose iron box clouded with steam and smoke
passed off as incense.
Maybe this is how we found our Gods.

Re: Upcoming July IBPC 2020:

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 07:40
by SivaRamanathan
Michael and Bob,
Did you go through the 'Grandma in a Bullet Train,'poem?

If you are satisfied with it, then Bob's poem and mine can represent the Block.

Update re Upcoming July IBPC 2020

Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 10:03
by Michael (MV)
Siva and Bob,

Thanks to each of you for allowing your poem to represent WB.

Good luck to each of you in the finals.


Michael (MV)