Gino's Experience at the New York Pitch Conference

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Gino's Experience at the New York Pitch Conference

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June 28, 2017

Paula Munier and Michael Neff

RE: The New York Pitch Conference

Dear Paula and Michael

I am writing to tell you what a wonderful experience I had at the New York Pitch Conference.

Paula Munier is absolutely wonderful! What a mind! She is so smart! Paula was able to go around a room of twenty people and remember the tiny details of each and every presentation, and then provide clear and precise suggestions on improving the quality of each writer's presentation.

Thereafter, during the course of the weekend, Paula could recall in specific detail the suggestions and changes that she had made for each individual, and she could analyze how that individual had integrated her suggestions and changes into the presentation. Simply amazing!

Paula was able to cut to the core of each writer's issues and provide keen and thoughtful analysis - and, all the while, remaining extremely sensitive to the fragile egos of the fledgling writers!

Paula brings such a wealth of knowledge, experience and sparkling intelligence to the New York Pitch Conference. She was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, and she was always generous with her time and energy.

I had a great experience at the New York Pitch Conference, and I have already recommended the New York Pitch Conference to several of my friends.

Thanks again!



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