These Crimes Between Us

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These Crimes Between Us

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1. Story Statement

Lynette, JJ and Maggie must confront a family legacy of infidelity and betrayal.

2. Antagonist plot line

Heather Fauxbor, paralegal secretary and the spoiled daughter of a washed up San Francisco socialite, is every vulnerable, married woman’s nightmare; and the predictable solution for neglected husbands.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed and botoxed, Heather presents as emotionally undemanding and snaps up Bart Willits, a Marin County attorney. Bart’s now ex-wife, Lynette Willits, a mother of three, is reeling from the affair and divorce and her mother’s recent cancer diagnosis. She quietly hatches an unusual plan for revenge, which brings to light the forces that led to her marriage’s undoing, and her father’s betrayal of mother Maggie, 35 years earlier.

3. Breakthrough Title

These Crimes Between Us

4. Comps

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

5. Primary conflict
A 45-year old woman and mother of three betrayed by her husband, takes revenge on the “other woman,” and discovers the father she idolized had an affair 35 years earlier — with devastating consequences for the entire family.

6. Inner Conflict + Secondary Conflict

- When Lynette discovers her father Harold had an affair when she was a young girl, devastating her mother Maggie and contributing to Maggie's cancer, Lynnette's heart is pulled in multiple directions. Maggie is emotionally unraveling. A passive woman, she finally asserts herself and decides to stop cancer treatment despite Harold's pleas not to give up. At the same time, Lynette takes up with JJ, a co-worker and former Army Ranger haunted by his experiences in Somalia. JJ is her first relationship since her divorce. Enraged, confused and trying not to fall in love, Lynette decides to trust JJ even as she's facing her father's betrayal of her mother, and confronting the underlying reasons her own marriage crumbled.

-The five members of the women’s group Lynette belong to struggle with infertility, loss, and insensitive spouses and boyfriends. Clare’s loss of a twin in utero shatters her, bringing the women closer.

7. Setting

These Crimes Between Us is primarily set in Marin County and in San Francisco — just before the dot-com market crashes — specifically Twin Peaks (on JJ and the protagonist Lynnette’s first date, she’s looking out at Twin Peaks while they wait for the elevator, where she and her ex-husband lived as newlyweds); SafeSoft’s headquarters in South of Market; and a Mission district art gallery, Atomic.

In Marin, the social environment is driven by political correctness and an obsession with being self-actualized. Mount Tamalpais in Marin County is a strong presence throughout the novel, during the Women’s Circle meeting, when Lynette’s son Scottie goes to the Marin General ER after a skateboard accident. Here, we first meet Bart, Lynnette’s ex-husband, now living with the antagonist, Heather Faubor.

John and Marina’s wedding and meditation center is set in the building of the shuttered modeling/casting ILM studio used for the early Star Wars films.

One chapter is set in Washington D.C. at the Vietnam Wall, the Hyatt Hotel; and another in downtown Mumbai, India; in the point of view of JJ, the male protagonist.

Character backstory happens in Somalia (JJ’s military service), Kentucky (Maggie’s childhood home), Syracuse, NY (JJ’s childhood home) and Costa Rica (JJ’s father).

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Re: These Crimes Between Us

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