Bichop Michael Curry - London (2018)

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Bichop Michael Curry - London (2018)

#1 Post by FranktheFrank » 30 May 2018, 15:37

Christian and Faithful's trial is overseen by a Judge called
Lord Hate-Good. Envy, Superstition, and Pickthank are called upon
to testify against Faithful. Envy tells the judge that Faithful has
condemned the ways of the people of Vanity, believing that his
Christian values are superior. Superstition says that Faithful
condemned the religion of the people of Vanity, and Pickthank
avows that Faithful has slandered Beelzebub and the rest of the
aristocracy in Vanity. Faithful tries to defend himself, staying
true to his Christian beliefs. The Judge cites an act made by
Pharaoh the Great, who proclaimed that if those of a contrary
religion became too numerous, then their males should be
thrown into the river. He then mentions an act of Nebuchadnezzar
the Great, who condemned all who did not worship him to be thrown
into a furnace. Finally, he mentions Darius, who sentenced any man
who worshipped a God other than his to be cast into a lion's den.
The jury decides to convict Faithful, and he is beaten, knifed, stoned,
and stabbed, before being burnt at the stake. Bunyan describes a chariot
and horses who appear and take Faithful's soul through the Celestial Gate.
Christian is taken back to jail, from which he escapes by an act of
deus ex machina.

John Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress, London (1678).

He preached in the one of the great cathedrals
in one of the world's greatest capitals
to the highest in the land and overseas,
to kings and princes, to presidents and lords
and his message was simple, love God
and love your fellow man.

There can be nothing greater
than this than to love your fellow man.

And for Michael's witness of love
he was mocked, despised, told to grow
up and put away these childish ideas,
they, the great men and women,
were embarrassed by his ways,
that he taught with conviction,
and that is the parting of the ways.

Either a man turns to God or he dies in his sin.

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Re: Michael - London (May 2018)

#2 Post by Kenneth2816 » 30 May 2018, 21:29

I didnt watch any of it. I'm certain a progressive evangelical message was unexpected.

As a poem, I think you can do without the PP intro.

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Re: Michael - London (May 2018)

#3 Post by FranktheFrank » 31 May 2018, 13:11

Thank you Ken,
I don't normally endorse the extreme behaviour of
charismatic believers' behaviour in church,
but Michael (not our Michael) was so honest,
so full of joy, I surrendered to his message
of peace and love.

The epitaph is intended to show that nothing much

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Re: Michael - London (May 2018)

#4 Post by IndianaDP » 31 May 2018, 20:00

Hi Frank, I agree and would cut the Pilgrims Progress intro. I’m not sure who the Michael you refer to is.

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