Mistaken Identity

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Mistaken Identity

#1 Post by capricorn » 13 Sep 2019, 02:43

Mistaken Identity

I pause to check familiar waves of salt
and pepper tucked inside your collar, turned
against the biting easterlies' assault.
A flurry of magnolia leaves is churned

around your wispy frame and I'm enticed
to delve into nostalgic reveries:
Close-knit; our weekly jaunts were fun and spiced
with tea and cakes. Then age sneaked up, disease

kidnapped your mind as slowly roles reversed.
Pink roses brush sweet lilies wreathed on oak.
Grief's waterfall cascaded; though immersed
beneath I was buoyed up by kindly folk.

I shiver when you turn, revealing just
a shadow of the face I've reminisced;
my vision drifts away upon a gust
of autumn's breath - a phantom turns to mist

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Re: Mistaken Identity

#2 Post by Kenneth2816 » 13 Sep 2019, 07:12

Eira, this is well rendered with rhyme. Sad poem against the backdrop of autumn.

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Re: Mistaken Identity

#3 Post by meenas17 » 13 Sep 2019, 17:32

Love the imagery Eira.
the concluding line of autumn;s breath --- a phantom turns to mist leaves a picturesque image.

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