Kissing the Sky, Or Maybe the Sea

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Kissing the Sky, Or Maybe the Sea

#1 Post by BobBradshaw » 29 May 2020, 22:09

Kissing the Sky, Or Maybe the Sea

Hendrix sang of kissing the sky. I prefer your kiss.
Can clear or misty skies compete
with your kiss?

I cannot imagine kissing the sky. On my tiptoes,
my mouth forever waiting...
Unlike your kiss.

Swinburne kissed the sea. Did it slam into him-- bent over--
knock him off his feet?
You bowl me over—with your kiss.

The wind playfully musses my hair. Well, like any lover
it might if I wasn’t bald
and grateful for your kiss.

Why should I listen to Dear Abbey?
Or be taken in
by absurd poets? I know what I want.

Your kiss.

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