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Re: New York Pitch Conference Reviews by Successful Writers and Authors

#26 Post by WritersBlock » 28 Jun 2019, 03:18

We went to the conference excited about the idea of pitching our book to editors. But we realized the much more beneficial aspect was the ability to see what our pitch, and therefore book, was lacking. After reworking everything, we have a story that not only generated editor interest, but also one about which we are confident and passionate.

We will forever be grateful to the New York Pitch Conference for making us pump a lot of awesome into our book.

Bill & Karen Burton



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Re: New York Pitch Conference Reviews by Successful Writers, Attendees, and Authors

#27 Post by LUKEC7BLANCHFORD » 29 Jun 2019, 08:31

The pitch workshops with Gina were exceptional. My initial pitch strived to present visionary aspects and theme, and then Gina guided me to drive toward the bones of how the underlying narrative worked. Also, she encouraged me to bring out memoir aspects of the narrative, and this gives me a lot of runway to expand the book. So, while I thought my book was done and complete, the pitch method helped me to tune into where an audience response was, and also, new transformative possibilities for bringing in additional materials. I am writing extensively as we speak, lots of new ideas to enrich the book for a more commercial and larger audience. :idea:

Also, it was wonderful to hear everyone else's pitches, just to hear the diversity of story, and to have a sounding board. Everyone was very helpful, supportive, optimistic, and clearly talented, with a lot of promise to their ventures. I am privileged to have been privy to their stories.

Hearing the feedback of the editors was certainly humbling, but essential. I love this pitch method for starting new projects, and it gives me an idea how to vet an approach for a follow-up book.

Thank you Gina, Michael, Paula, the editors, and thank you all my workshop mates.

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Re: New York Pitch Conference Reviews

#28 Post by Somberwoman » 22 Oct 2019, 00:27

The New York Pitch was quite simply the best writer conference I've ever attended based on who I met, the better novel I created, and the knowledge I gained.

SW :|
Somber Woman

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