Laika, First Dog in Space

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Laika, First Dog in Space

#1 Post by BobBradshaw » 14 Feb 2020, 07:41

Laika, First Dog in Space

Don't do this, I whimpered.
He held me squirming
in his beefy hands.
“Congrats, comrade,
you’re now a cosmonaut.”

For weeks I trained, circling
in dizzying orbits
around a centrifuge's
roaring axis,
my heart shaking
like a furiously rattled cage.

I kept barking out my concerns
but the engineers were deaf
from years of testing
failed rockets.

Finally the glorious day
of Sputnik 2's launch
arrived. "Bon voyage!"
some fool shouted into a mic
spilling vodka on a panel
in the control room.

As the spacecraft rose
the ground fell away
like a boxcar uncoupled
from a speeding train.

Floating in a flight harness
I pressed against a port,
the earth shimmering below
like a bone dropped
into a creek.

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Re: Laika, First Dog on Space

#2 Post by capricorn » 15 Feb 2020, 23:03

As a dog lover I was very moved by this, Bob. I'm surprised I hadn't given the situation more thought before. As humans we have a choice in what we do, but not so animals.

The only suggestion I can make is 'my heart shaking '. Is this the right description? On feeling apprehensive I would think a heart would thump rather than shake - but then thump is probably overused in this context. Perhaps it's just me.


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