The Laborers Puzzle and Talk

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The Laborers Puzzle and Talk

#1 Post by IndianaDP » 26 Mar 2023, 18:39

Mother opens a box
of pyramid stones, pours them
onto the dining room table.

Father says to use logic,
start with the bottom
and build towards the top.

Mother has thoughts of her own
locates four corners then looks
for straight lines.

I work without having a plan,
use my thumb to force pieces
into the sky.

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Re: The Laborers Puzzle and Talk

#2 Post by BobBradshaw » 28 Mar 2023, 02:22

That last stanza reflects the way I usually go about things. I like the simple language.

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Re: The Laborers Puzzle and Talk

#3 Post by Billy » 28 Mar 2023, 22:37

I like the development of the poem. I'm unsure of the title.

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