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Awful Calls

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 18:47
by meenas17
The accusation goes.
It is you who brought 
the trouble. 
 Petrified, I stand to lose.
Turn tense. Loathe myself.
I am horrible.

I chose the wife for the man.
The man and wife quarrel
day in and day out.

Now and again
I receive a call. At 
midnight  most.

My phone bill mounts.
Talk personally to both.
Pacify. Sign a Treaty of Peace.

Remains perfect for a while.
Again a call. The wife as usual,
ignites.The spouse pursues.

 I face the music.  Mostly a
t midnights Whom to condemn?
I do not know.

Last evening I had to deal
the same issue. Exasperated
I pronounce the awful word.

It is an improper advice, I know.
Unable to resolve at any time,
call them to part ways

The unreasonable wife
and the stubborn husband
did not expect this from me.

They turn disenchanted.
Tables do turn.


Re: Awful Calls

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 21:24
by BobBradshaw
Excellent tension and character... terrific subject. It needs a little trimming... the 2nd stanza is too telling. Something better than “ face the music”? Describe narrator’s physical reaction in imagery when the phone rings late at night. But oh what a wonderful theme... some very good writing

Re: Awful Calls

Posted: 12 Feb 2019, 07:17
by meenas17
I will try to insert a physical reaction.That is an excellent suggestion.

Re: Awful Calls

Posted: 13 Feb 2019, 18:37
by Kenneth2816
Meenas. This is good work. Not knowing much about arranged marriages, it reads as if very real. You capture the voice of the arranger very well. I enjoyed this very much

Re: Awful Calls

Posted: 14 Feb 2019, 18:49
by meenas17
Arranged marriages have their pros and cons . The arranger is at the receiving end when there is tug of war between the husband and wife.
If they find harmony the arranger is conveniently forgotten.
That is how it is.
Thanks, Ken for reading and commenting.