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  on the 47th anniversary

Posted: 18 Jun 2019, 01:40
by Michael (MV)
A mother
gave birth
to Father's Day,

and the Roman patriarch was founded on wolf's tits.
The formidable father
of our country, yet Big
George sired no children,

neither did Jesus Christ, nor John Keats.
Creative bachelorhood transcends the prodigal
with miracles & masterpieces,
like the pre-Raphaelites, a brotherhood
with its own genuine breed of fatherhood
singing of sisterhood & motherhood,

since Every Day is
always has been & will be
The Day of Our Father -
no further ever farther lies forever
the present pre-sent without the tense
as it was in Eden - always Heaven

Adam was not birthed
from of a womb.
The sistine touch & breath
alone of Our Father
created the first son-brother-father
along with the first daughter-sister-mother.
Triunity is inherit, the dominant trait found in both genders.

From the genesis, incest was not an issue.
The man-child & the woman-child
before the fall & from here after
like Our Father like His children
with the look of love caressing
procreated with Vision

our first brothers & sisters
the first siblings too
of our big brother, The Savior.
The Son is alpha brother to man & woman -

that way we never lose sight of the family home.
We come to the one prayer
"The Our Father"
by way of the Son,

but there is no son without the mother.
Each mother & child - an immaculate conception,
already a UniSon created in the womb foreseen
with the Visionary will of Our Father without foreskin

He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change. Praise him.       -- the "Amen" from Gerard Manley Hopkins' curtailed sonnet "Pied Beauty"

Re:   on the 47th anniversary

Posted: 18 Jun 2019, 04:57
by Kenneth2816
This has the gentleness of Hopkins. Like the Romulus and Remus reference in light of what eventually happened to Rome. Then the alpha reference pertaining to the wolf as well as Alpha and Omega. Lot of layers that escape a casual read. Enjoyed

Re:   on the 47th anniversary

Posted: 18 Jun 2019, 07:11
by FranktheFrank
Neat Michael.
There is a lot of doctrine in this poem
for more than meets the eye at first.

It has bothered many the though that Cain and his brothers had to take wives
from their sisters, there are alternative theories not in the bible, but possible
and there is the supernatural.

I take pleasure in your attempt to postulate the truth
in poetry, I have tried many times, but cannot achieve that
or write hymns.

This is quite a complex work for the outsiders
yet some may find pleasure in it.