Desk-Top Word 2016 HP

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Desk-Top Word 2016 HP

#1 Post by RamanathanSiva » 22 Oct 2020, 10:24

The railway-lines cropped to couplets
with intermittent three liners.

I blame it all on Google Chrome
playing havoc with the font and italics.

I have used the slant for Indian words,
but upon copy paste, they have straightened up.

I can vouch for it. 
Something to do with the internet.

The Big House of my poem was never haunted
but for the stones-volley when mother entered.

That was seventy-like years ago
everything settled; Kuttichatan was pacified.

Now when I type my poem, the tail of the cow
is actually shooing off the flies

and ‘puja’ and ‘prasad’ have to lean forward
but they stubbornly stand at ease.

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