I Wasn't Prepared for an Early Spring

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I Wasn't Prepared for an Early Spring

#1 Post by BobBradshaw » 02 Feb 2021, 21:46

I Wasn't Prepared for an Early Spring

I wasn't expecting the dogwood
to welcome me in her snow white wrap

of light, or for a black-eyed
Susan with her slender build

to climb the fence so eagerly, leaning
over into the arms of another

climber, the clematis jackmanii
--a sun lover who emerged

from the soil earlier this year.
I didn't expect for these fireworks

of blooms, my Mexican sage
throwing out long trajectories

of lavender velvet. How my fingers
hungered to trace them, the way

they love to map the soft slopes
of your powdered cheeks.

I wasn't expecting to be loved.
Your sudden change surprised me,

but why shouldn't happiness come
without an invitation, like orange blooms

of butterfly weed rising unexpectedly
from the ground, their seeds blown in

from god knows where? After all,
who gave the wisteria permission

to unloose her long tresses
of perfumed hair?

Note: this is a poem, once published, now revised

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