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#1 Post by BobBradshaw » 22 Sep 2021, 23:17


First married
our love was a ragged parade,
and we delighted in leading it,
though there was chaos around us:

the cheerleaders
dropping their silvery batons
hurled into the gusty air,

and always strangers
cutting to the other side
of the street
running between the French horns
and the clattering drums.

Sometimes one of us
got knocked to the ground.
We picked each other up.

We're older and more docile
these days. We’re warmed by daylight
as if it were passing through us

like the sunlight
filtering through the leaves
of our neighbor’s
shimmering Japanese maple.

We find joy in making up tales
about the moon,
pale this early morning
as if returning drunk
from last night’s party.

Now in our eighties,
our health vulnerable to the weather,
our lives have become
eroding coastlines.

Yet we’re alive,
each moment a blessing,
an Amen, a Hallelujah

as the clouds turn muddy
from another storm’s

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Re: Hallelujah

#2 Post by Billy » 23 Sep 2021, 05:18

My favorite part is the eroded coastline.

I’m not sure about ragged parade, musing on it. Overall good poem.

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Re: Hallelujah

#3 Post by Kenneth2816 » 29 Sep 2021, 03:08

Yes good poem. There's a triumph in ragged parade

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