it was so simple then as now

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it was so simple then as now

#1 Post by Billy » 30 Dec 2021, 22:01

it was so simple then as now

i embark upon the territories of self
the circuitous paths that join the woods
and the city where i live
writing about the adventures of Odysseus

and the sea i long for
the places far from where i ought to be
imprisoned as i am within walls of war
with gods and myself

i fancy myself a god
alone as i am with the troubles of these times
no different from those of all past worlds
and worlds to come

struggling with decisions of peace
at the expense of knowledge
wrathful with mortals
stemming my powers for some good

to come that flickers like a tortured candle
in the caves of prophets
they who i quarrel with to save this life i have
but gods must be above all this foolishness

must anchor their wills to the shores
of the noble battle for beauty
so here i lie at the edge of complete order
exulting in the crack in my armor

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