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#1 Post by Kenneth2816 » 09 Oct 2017, 14:04

I will no longer comment on poems written by those who do not contribute by responding to others work.

This is a community, we all contribute.

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#2 Post by FranktheFrank » 09 Oct 2017, 23:31


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Re: Critique

#3 Post by Kenneth2816 » 10 Oct 2017, 20:26

Frank, I'm more referring to those who often post but never give any feedback at all. You dont have to be a genius to respond. If you can write a poem, you can
critique one. Three poem rule is more a
suggestion than enforced.

Honest criticism is the only kind. None of
us can hope to grow without it.

I refrain from commenting on work I don't
get. That's about my only restriction.

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Re: Critique

#4 Post by WritersBlock » 11 Oct 2017, 00:04

Ken is right.

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