Poems that placed in the March IBPC 2019 (Congrats Frank - 2nd place)

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Michael (MV)
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Poems that placed in the March IBPC 2019 (Congrats Frank - 2nd place)

#1 Post by Michael (MV) » 28 Apr 2019, 20:23

Thanks, Frank(Ieuan ap Hywel), for bringing another IBPC honor to the Writer's Block:


Congrats to the Writer's Block - a wonderful finale to National Poetry Month 2019

and Congrats to our fellow IBPC poets whose poems placed, esp Bob Bradshaw, author of the 1st place poem.

March 2019 IBPC poems selected by Ruth Bavetta with commentary:



Michael (MV)

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Re: Poems that placed in the March IBPC 2019 (Congrats Frank - 2nd place)

#2 Post by Kenneth2816 » 29 Apr 2019, 01:14

Congrats to The Block.

Way to go Bob for the 1st place win🎈

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Re: Poems that placed in the March IBPC 2019 (Congrats Frank - 2nd place)

#3 Post by FranktheFrank » 29 Apr 2019, 17:13

Thanks to all at the Writer’s Block for much support, to those
who were involved in the workshopping of my poem: 'Daunted' Feb 2019.

Special thanks to Meena for being excited about the last line,
to Eira for sharp incisive comments that helped,
to Billy for a full critique that helped me along the way
to Bob for valuable input, Bob’s input is always more than useful
for his unstinting work on critique and I enjoy his frank(ness)
to Michael for this suggested title, it seems to have worked.
Really to the whole board who participated in workshopping.
I really value being member a here and have learned so much.

I am especially pleased with this award because it has been 7 months
from my last placing at the IBPC and there is an improvement in
my placing, so many 3rd’s , but now a 2nd. The first time I ever got a 2nd.
I hope we will continue as a group and helping each other, writing can be
a lonely pursuit, but this workshopping binds us together, long may it be so.

Many thanks to Michael for his hard work involved in running this forum
he does it with style and patience, his comments are always helpful and
I for one really appreciate him. Through Michael’s help I have developed
as a poet from when I first started here around 2007, my work was poor
in this days, rarely writing a poem a month. I had a letter from Penumbra
the other day, do you remember Penumbra, Michael, she was kind enough
to say how much she admired my work and how pleased she was that I was
writing good poems. I also remember a comment by another famous
poet years ago in the Waters who said I would make it, and I appreciate that
too. I also thank my friends Alison Osel and Bernie Henry who have really
encouraged me in more way than I can say, thank you all.

Some might think I am going over the top for a small competition like the IBPC
but I think it does a great service to poetry, and thanks to Michael Neff for this
marvellous poetry platform.

I think you all may understand now after this long thank you of how much it means
to me to be placed among these great writers. Congratulations to Bob, I don’t
begrudge his pipping me at the post, he churns out these wins regularly at the
seemingly drop of a hat. Well done Bob.

Ieuan ap Hywel

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