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Featured in Poetry Arts Forum One of a Thousand Drunken Nights

Posted: 21 Nov 2023, 03:57
by FranktheFrank
My Poem: One of a thousand Drunken Nights has been featured in Poetry Arts Forum ... ed-archive

Rat Pack of Seven

A million drops of drizzled rain shine
glistening on my coat - reflecting
the light from the flash,
surrounded by my group of friends.

Exams are over, I wear a grey coat
over an Italian cut suit open
at the top showing shirt and tie.
Bobby, top far left, well into his cups
smallest pal, happy to be part of the group
happy to kill one evening away
from the enmity of an overpowering dad.
Gary, top far right, a prince among men,
grumpy that night. Kevin, top centre,
the most popular, strongest, most affable
unaware his beautiful life soon be cut short.
Jeff, drunk, playfully bends Ron's finger.
Unable to feel any pain, Ron lolls laughing
tight up against Ieuan, he looks
up in drunken adoration. Tony sits
with a straight back attempts a thumb's up
and typically fails in this simple communication

We hug together at Bethany Square.
A giant cedar sheds needles onto our coats
they fall and sprinkle us in the fine rain.
I own: a suit, some overalls, a tool box,
two pairs of jeans, a bloodied shirt,
and a certificate that says importantly
the I. M. Eng. accepts me as a technician
member, as if this is the key
to all future happiness.
As if this starless night
is the pinnacle of my life.