Video-Portrait of Michael, approaching 65

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Michael (MV)
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Video-Portrait of Michael, approaching 65

#1 Post by Michael (MV) » 01 Sep 2022, 18:41

Strolling through the 24th Sidewalk Film Festival
with no dress rehearsals, a young senior
behind blue CK shades, sporting
a black mask and, from the nurse,
a matching arm sling.

17 stitches backstage lower left side
curtained by a new, event t-shirt,
the last one marked down from the year before -
but now the dark blue text on blue dye,
found waiting for me upon arrival,
a serendipitous -poetic coincidence- fitting
by the angel of wardrobe.

And those threads holding the skin flap
over the nose in place -
Think Jack Nicholson in "China Town."

The spectacular massive hematoma -
the marbled passion-mark purple
staining my upper right arm -
"Oh, that's just fresh ink of an abstract tattoo."

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