Patches Revenge

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Patches Revenge

#1 Post by capricorn » 29 Jun 2019, 00:20

Patches Revenge

Dozing, I slip into vivid reverie,
see him chase the cat that slept
across Sheba’s resting place
beneath the Braeburn tree.

At breakfast I announce
I’ve had a premonition;
one day we’ll have a Dalmatian
to chase away the cats.

Oh yes! My family laugh.

Four years elapse; I miss
canine company, explore the web
for weeks. Nothing clicks, until
I recognise his pirate patch.

Anticipation somersaults for seventy miles.

My chest hammers as I knock the door.
He sprints outside, huge
and high-spirited; canine Adonis.
I tingle with excitement.

Pangs of sadness settle for the ailing
mistress, who lovingly knitted each tint
in the chequered blanket
I clutch with his lead and papers.

I spread his dappled bed,
across Sheba’s favourite corner.
It feels surreal to watch him
in pursuit of next door’s cat.

Studying certificates, I gasp!
Patches Revenge was born
four years ago, on that night
of my unforgettable dream.

Note to Frank: you've read a few of my poems about Max, but this was the original one I wrote - just found and revised.

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Re: Patches Revenge

#2 Post by FranktheFrank » 29 Jun 2019, 01:28

I prefer this to all that have gone before.
A pal is constantly reminding me of the power of first drafts.
I think I'll nominate this.

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