Summer Unnoticed

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Summer Unnoticed

#1 Post by SivaRamanathan » 07 Jun 2020, 20:59

My poem has now been published! Here's the link: ... 220c3b243d

Every year I see summer way ahead
in Chennai
pushed to the pillow with giddiness
slipping into half slumber
in the AC bedroom in my corner work space
with my desk-top.

Every day I dipped in lethargy—such inactive lifestyle
even with native kashayams in small quantities
for three days only; nothing to do with the loss of equili-
brium in my eardrums. Allopathy failed, all else failed.
Thus for twenty years I drowned in giddiness, every summer.

We voluntarily accepted the lockdown
pushed the lock on our front door and stayed indoors,
worked in the kitchen, cleaned vessels, read poetry,
and took stock of our stores, vegetables, medicines,
following the same pattern and had our purchases
dropped in at the gate by our non- working maids.

Summer had come to Chennai, we are shut in,
we see the sun shine in the eastern corner,

at noon it shifts to the western verandah,
we pull out our laundry only to hang them.

Outside my daughter’s window a Shikra came,
it was eating a reptile, she caught it on her mobile.
From nearby a magpie perched, singing the Neem trees’ song.

I tell her, shoot it on your phone, we have a balcony- birding challenge,
but she says,
‘’No ma the magpie is a shy bird.’’

A Chennai based Lockdown Journal has solicited poems from me.I inten to send this tomorrow.

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Re: Summer Unnoticed

#2 Post by BobBradshaw » 08 Jun 2020, 07:18

Good poem, Siva. No criticisms.. I enjoyed it all

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Re: Summer Unnoticed

#3 Post by SivaRamanathan » 08 Jun 2020, 21:29

Thank you.It will be Online in a couple of days.

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